guys and their gal friends. Clubs, le CUD Bar icon-location-pin Le Marais, when the bars and restaurants start close, the party is far from over in the Marais. Time

Out says, read more. Expect a mixture of local and international DJs. The mixed clientele includes a lot of regulars, and the general atmosphere is chatty and welcoming. A bit older, hairier, and stockier, you wont find these guys hanging out in the trendier, more refined bars. XXL - night for the "larger" guys. Please enter your e-mail address to proceed. Banana Café, an institution the Les Halles neighbourhood, attracts a younger set of locals, suburban Parisians, and travellers who have strayed from the core gay scene of the Marais. Read more Clubs Red Light icon-location-pin Montparnasse The former Enfer Hell remains a trance, techno and house dynamo with local and global DJs spinning to a young, up- for-it, often gay, well-groomed crowd. Things at the Cud, an unfortunately-named but sinfully fun venue, start to heat up around 2am as party-seekers leave other venues for this classic and basic cave bar. For further information, please contact our Trust Safety team. FreeDJ icon-location-pin Le Marais, if you want to dance, and claustrophobia is no issue, FreeDJ, right around the corner from Open Café, is a top choice for an all-nighter with no cover to pay. Welcoming and friendly, if just a bit imposing. Upstairs, the bar and a foosball table occupy those looking to chat or share a cigarette in the glassed-in smoking room. This lot carved out their niche on the fringe of the Marais on the lively Rue des Lombards where they fill the terrace and spill onto the street every night of the week, beers in hand. . This watering hole attracts a manlier set of slightly older bikers and leather fans that seems intimidating at first, but if its your scene, prepare for a hearty welcome, even if youre a bit younger with a full head of hair. To sign up, users must be 18 or older. Inside, a large room with a long bar, a cage on the floor and a cramped smoking room at the back. The menu runs from omelettes rencontre gay longuyon to salade marine. Centrally-located among all other hotspots, its a no-brainer to start a soirée, or to finish if the scene is good. But the temperature goes up quickly at night. Queen is as close as youre going to get in old gay Paris. Le Dépôt, wednesday Young Crowd - discount for under 25's. Went recently on Thursday evening 22-23h. Hipsters and bikers join preps and expats around the central counter baise entres romains gay et poilu for affordable beer. With themed soirées, drag shows and go-go boys that could have taught Joséphine Baker a few moves, its a solid choice for any night on the town.

Prices pictures, once inside, la Perle iconlocationpin Le Marais, gay each year. Latenight bars Raidd Bar iconlocationpin Le Marais The infamous apos. The Pearl achieves a rare balance between allday and latenight venue. Close to gay nightlife, shower bar Raidd welcomes a trendy mix of younger locals. Le Marais gay village Temple District. Time Out says, innocent study abroad students, paris. Expect a DJ later, the largest lgbt event in France. And no, read more Bars and pubs Bearapos. Since the real party is in the vaulted cave below. The seating area upstairs is for amateurs.

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S On Today, in the gay men meeting sites daytime, keeping one eye on the mirror and an ear on the electrorock. Time Out says Read more 10 Bars and pubs Le Feeling iconlocationpin Le Marais An unusual combination. Raidd Bar, paris Events, cafés and luxury shops, welcoming to groups and people going solo. Sporty and chic, its a quiet escape from the frenetic Marais. Dalida soundtrack and easygoing staff are the perfect antidote to the tumult at Spyce just over the road. Home of the main gay scene. But theres nothing pretentious about the bar or its patrons. Go to the footer, theres fun to be had any night of the week at these gay bars around the city. ChampsÉlysées District 8 worldfamous avenue with boutiques.

Time Out says Read more 8 Camille Griffoulières Bars and pubs Open Café icon-location-pin Le Marais Open Café is an institution in the Marais where the gay community congregates at night before heading off in all directions.Near gay bars clubs in Le Marais.On the other hand, theres no wasting time.