urge the Russian Federation to enable a comprehensive monitoring. Large-scale health emergencies create a serious burden for the national health systems as well as for international response mechanisms. Coming

back to the crisis in and around Ukraine, we welcome the initiative by President Poroshenko of a "day of silence" on 9 December and note the decrease in hostilities since then, as reported by the SMM. It is essential and urgent that Iran cooperates fully with the Agency regarding Possible Military Dimensions. We welcome the International Conference on human resources and capacity building organised by the Agency in May 2014 and we commend the creation of the International Centre based on Research Reactors (icerr) designation programme, for which some members of the EU shall soon apply. Once again, the EU is obliged to stress that the Syrian Arab Republic, as a State Party to the Chemical Weapons Convention, is responsible for meeting the costs arising in connection with the elimination of its chemical weapons program and the verification thereof. It is imperative that WHO is in a position to play its leading role in enabling the many different actors to contribute actively and effectively to the health of all. Alignment paragraph Madam President, As regards the Middle East Peace Process, the EU position has been clear, consistent and unequivocal for many years and will remain so: the only realistic way to solve the conflict is through an agreement between the parties that ends the. We underline the good cooperation des between the EU and Japan during the preparations of the conference. The European Union welcomes that the latest round of Geneva International Discussions held on 30 June and id not only go undisrupted, but also saw a more lively and engaged exchange than in recent months. Nous sommes très satisfaits de voir que pas moins de 12 Etats participants à l'osce ont mis à jour leurs rapports nationaux en 2014, et que de nombreux autres sont en train de le faire. We call on all participants to be committed to this process and engage constructively in its work. The mitigation of civilian harm should be an integral part of UN peace operations' mandates. Protracted conflicts in our region pose a threat to the security of the entire osce area. More than four months have passed since the Minsk Protocol was adopted. We now need to make it an integral part of the post 2015 development agenda. As regards the subtopic on cybercrime, we would like to point out that this term encompasses broader issues than those falling under the remit of ungass and therefore the title of Part 2 should be replaced by a more specific and focused term or with. We would also like to note with appreciation the excellent organisation and preparation of this event by the host country Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Swiss Chairmanship, the Serbian Chair of the Contact Group for Mediterranean Partners and the Secretariat. We are deeply worried about the increasing number of ceasefire violations, and call on all parties to abide by the Minsk protocol. We particularly would like to highlight the broad reflections of the Chair, and notably the "need to establish a regular and systematic process for measuring and reporting on progress made by States and business enterprises in implementing the Guiding Principles". Alignment paragraph We are in a time marked by significant brad multiple simultaneous migration and humanitarian crises. The renewal in 2015 of our Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy will be the opportunity to renew our commitment and to address new challenges to the universality and indivisibility of human rights. We are convinced that the rule of law and development are strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing. In conclusion, the EU and its Member States would like to reiterate their appreciation for the Agencys TC Programme and to reassure the Secretariat of their continued support and cooperation. The world continues to face an unprecedented number of simultaneous large scale complex displacement crises. We remain deeply concerned about the health of Nadiya Savchenko who was abducted and illegally transferred to Russia in connection with the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The Director Generals (DG) report noted that since his report of September 2013, the Agency has observed, through satellite imagery, ongoing renovation and new construction activities at various locations within the Yongbyon site. We recall this years March Foreign Affairs Councils conclusions, which called for developing an initial reform agenda and for upholding Bosnia and Herzegovinas commitments and obligations. We continue to support the implementation of the Code and commit to work together to enhance its relevance and effectiveness.

The strategy document suggests the potential full longyon implications of the renovation needs beyond the 31 Mio target budget established by the Director General. I would also like to acknowledge the important contributions presented today by the Prime Ministers of Samoa and Jamaica and the Minister of Finance of the Seychelles sharing the respective regional perspectives of the peace and security challenges faced by Small Island Developing States. On the basis of nuclear stress tests carried out on nuclear power plants. And Oleksandr Kolchenko to the Rostov region of Russia significantly hampers access to the court for observers. I would like to request that this statement be circulated as an official document of this session of the Council and be published on the opcw website and extranet. Especially in the areas of democracy. A topic that shows the relevance and the complex interlinkages between stability.

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We deeply regret gay that Russian socalled humanitarian convoys continue to enter Ukrainian territory. Without the consent of or inspection by the Ukrainian authorities and without fundamental international humanitarian principles being observed. Hommes et de femmes ont déjà trouvé la personne idéale avec Meetic.

We strongly encourage the governments of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to engage with the legitimate questions that have been posed to them over the course of this meeting regarding such practices.The Midterm Strategy: (MTS) should continue to guide the preparation of the programme and budget proposals for the upcoming years.We believe that increasing the value for money through a systematic search for more efficiency gains is essential.