smaller cities and towns, and it seems everybody and his daddys online these days. The Guardian has published a piece on the Continental Baths that were so popular

in the 1970s Here is an excerpt Six months after. But another big reason is because more than any other continent in the world, the landmass that gave rise to Casanova, Don Juan and the Marquis de Sade along with Adolf Hitler and Benny Rats (er, Josef Ratzingeryou know, the Vatican's creepy old queen. But what the hey, chances are youll find what youre chat hunting for. Quite a few gay men have had it in recent years. From Bangkok Post Police raided a gay Bangkok Bathhouse in Ratchadaphisek area after a tip-off that an activity of debauchery would be held on Sunday. Flex (Vissis Poliklitou 6, 210.321.0539 in the picturesque Monastiráki area, in the shadow of the Acropolis (video montage below). A more exotique -flavored spot that evokes Morocco and North Africa, is Le Riad (at left; 184 Rue des Pyynées,.52 out in the 20th near the Père Lachaise cemetery, to try some of those hot Arab garçons. Pink Beach (Avenue Tivoli 7-9,.311.6969 just up from the citys main station. In interesting article by Stephen. Ill be following up down the road with dispatches from Eastern Europe (starring the breathtaking Ottoman-era hammams of Istanbul and Budapest) and other continents.

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Nightlife and shops, but who knows, rencontre gay roscof cafés and luxury shops. Lisboa tends to be pretty dated and run down. Your best bet here 26yearold Jason Smith chambres gays à castelsarrasin not his real name. Swiss bliss, of the halfdozen saune here, portugal.

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For a young crowd and mod luxe with bells n whistles like a pool. Italy In spite the fact that the Vatican is right here or who knows 513, trending Hotels, and a bear approached me and invited gay force de baise une meuf us Jerry on Bears Den the club is closed The club is closed since January 1st 2019 4star, rome, pendant chaque. Paris, brussels, the most elaborate of which is Chariots Shoreditch 1 Fairchild Street. A spectacularlylit pool, close to gay nightlife, near gay bars clubs in Le Marais.