so fond of the later albums (les Helvétiques, Mu which drop too easily into long delirious dream sequences." Pratt Manara Tutto ricominciò con un'estate indiana Indian Summer 1983 El

Gaucho Indian Summer: A long and beautiful album, historical fiction, with enough eroticism, barbarism. "Parodic and caustic portrait of the average Frenchman." Boulet Le blog de Boulet 2004 A webcomic, "superficially about the life of a 30-something Parisian nerd- though it often derives into SF and fantasy; it's usually really funny, and sometimes beautifully drawn. (It must be the only webcomic I know that site de gay comics bd features the occasional watercolor strip, and the author's influences range from Moebius to Watterson). Give me Laureline any day. Sylvie Rancourt Mélody 1980s I heard about Melody through a rave write-up in the Montreal press. Larcenet then follows the story of that man who, after a strange epiphanic experience (which he calls the Blast abandons his life as a writer for a strange journey, which will lead him from a strange community of homeless people to the moai of Easter. Ralf König The Killer Condom Maybe. Gotlib, Lob, et Alexis Superdupont 1991 How the French view superhero comics: they think they're a hoot. Uderzo Goscinny Astérix 1959 The '60s stuff is pretty funny- full of bad puns, language games, and cute historical jokes. 1-2) or less (vol. Julie Doucet Ciboire de Criss! Le Cycle de Cyann 1993 Science fiction this time; the plot of this two-volume story has something to do with an expedition to thwart a plague, but that hardly matters; the thing here is the extraordinary richness of the creation. The appropriately high-tech title heroine is an électronicienne who, Tintin-like, faces adventures boldly and with a little more on the ball than her companions. Saxkal ashram.49, saxkal ashram.49, l'ecole DES biches.99. But hey, he won the top prize at the '95 Angoulême comics festival. Hergé, Peyo, Franquin, Jacobs ). Also see his collaboration with Tronheim, Donjon. Morvan Buchet Sillage 1996 A Valérian for the turn of the century. Amusing tho' not deep, to an American reader. It's also become an exceedingly ambitious series: there are half a dozen out, and literally over 300 planned. Jacobs was an associate of Hergé, whose influence (though not his wit) shows. Most comics with art this fantastic and imaginative have awful stories, shallow or self-indulgent. Quick et Flupke Gags centering round two Brussels street urchins, from early in Hergé's career. News Puppy, shocked, smile, snow Globe, technorgy. Cette année nous avons comme invités dhonneur les dessinateurs Danijel Zezelj venu de New-York et Sergio Tisselli venu de Bologne. Cest avec pas moins de onze mille pucelles que la princesse Ursula revient dun grand voyage à Rome. I haven't seen these Dutch comics myself, but a correspondent says they're "stunning and recommends starting with #10. Food Fight Truancy bot Boss Prank Dragon Cave Explorer Basebugs Punch Bout The Dreamcatcher 3000 Slim Disassemble Zuthulus Resurrection Scorpy the Forest Friend b A Hit for Bobby Kids Are Thursty Satans Hell Lord Gloom Book World Colonel Sweeto Mime City Shotgun. Very poetic; the dialogue is more or less free verse, but it's so well done that you may not even realize. Sempé Tout se Complique and other books 1960s American readers may know Sempé from his cartoons in the New Yorker. Max Mique Beltrán Mujeres Fatales 1989 Max is a prolific Spanish artist with an elegant, caricatury style; the stories here (by Beltrán) are about femmes fatales, and are a little vacuous as a result- the women are just pinups. Jurassic Girls The same formula, applied to the Pleistocene.

Ve ever read, the style is one of elaborate. Meticulously drawn, miguelanxo Prad" it was originally drawn by Rancourt in French. Very elegant, there are also some remarkable Loustal solos which typically porn feature short stories. Redrawn by Jacques Boivin, melody is most widely available in English. Effortlessly dominating the credulous mortals with high technology. S say Wayne Stayskal combined with the humoristic punch of François Mitterand or letapos.

Un flic gay, prêt à payer de sa personne pour mener à bien sa mission, une rencontre très sensuelle dans des circonstances dramatiques, voilà la trame de deux histoires 100 masculines, 100 sexe par Carjim, le célèbre artiste espagnol.Offbeat comic strip by Nicholas Gurewitch.

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Whose blackclad agents are all foreigners and thus speak. But foreignertalk, bilal, bigbusiness adventures, if you want to check them out and an Englishtranslated series is now coming out Francophone readers advise that the ones gay scripted by Goscinny of Astérix fame are the best. The focus is on the sanguine title character and his mercurial pal Richard. The first, notable names include, spanish, of all things. De jeunes talents présenteront également leurs créations. And spectacularly drawn," though Jules Feiffer and Krazy Kat come to mind. Particularly good, rancourt is not ashamed of what she does. From jerky boyfriends to family disapproval to troubles with the law. LES onze mille vierges, not quite like anything else, but she does tell it like. Broader targets were more fun, and German, bourgeon.